The 5 Important Parts of Your Business Website Homepage

Every single piece of data, feature or process you put on your business website homepage is important. At least, it will be if you take your online presence seriously. Every inch of your digital representation should be considered as a valuable e-real estate to be used wisely.

The 5 Important Parts of Your Business Website Homepage

But, then again, there are some parts of your business website homepage that have a higher value than the rest of it. Let’s have a look at 5 of them and see what it is exactly that ranks them higher than the other parts of your homepage:

1 – The pitch

Most business website homepages have a pitch that states who they are and what they do or have to offer. It is usually posted on the homepage and where it can be seen clearly. It is probably the first thing you see when you arrive on the site. This is an important piece of information that lets your visitors know what they can expect from you.

But, for more effectiveness, you should tackle it from another angle. Instead of simply “introducing” yourself or your products you can tell your visitors how you will be able to help them. By letting your visitors know exactly how you will be able to improve their lives you will get rid of all the chatter and unnecessary jargon. Your visitors will instantly know whether or not you are the exact business they are looking for as opposed to having to dig through your advertisement to get to the main point.

2 – The mailing list

Your first-time visitors will rarely become your paying customers on their first visit. They might need to visit a couple of more times or see you appear in their searches often to trust you enough to do business with you.

One way of alleviating this problem is by encouraging them to join your mailing list. Let your visitors know that you would like to do them a favor by keeping them informed about the goods or services they are looking for. Most people would like to hear from you more before they commit to pulling their wallets out.

3 – The attention-grabber

While your whole website should be aesthetically pleasing, there should be a centerpiece that it is all built around. In your living room, the centerpiece would be that single item that expresses you and your family the most. On your homepage it should be a media file – an image, a video, or an infographic – that tells visitors what you are all about… in a charming way. Take some time to come up with a winning centerpiece that:

  • Shows your visitors there is a human being behind your homepage
  • Tells them about your business in a friendly and fun way
  • Explains how they will benefit by doing business with you
  • How they should get in touch with you for further information

Remember to keep it sweet, warm, and concise. Don’t overdo it; if you need to get multiple messages across, try rotating videos.

4 – The call to action

While filling your whole website with relevant keywords will make you more visible to your visitors and potential customers, you will need more than that to get them to part with their money. This is where calls to action come into play.

You should be subtle but insistent in goading your visitors on. Let them know what they need to do. Use call to action phrases like “Go to…,” “Buy now…,” “Save by purchasing…,” and “Order now…” to push them in the right direction.

5 – The social proof

Everyone loves a winner. Everyone will love your business if you appear to be a winner. And how do you do that? You show the world that many people love you. Share the number of people that follow you on social media platforms, display some great testimonies from previous clients, and let the world know how many pieces of your products you sold last year.

The more you show the world how successful and popular you are, the more clients and customers you will have. They will come to you with the “if it is good for so many people, then it must be really good” mentality. Of course, make sure you don’t fake those statistics as no one will ever want to do business with you should you be found fibbing.

Keep it all visible on your business website

We have seen the important parts of your business website homepage and now you should make sure that your visitors do so too. A key point you need to remember here is that you should always put these features above the fold of your homepage. Your visitors need to take it all in without having to scroll down.

Add these important features now

If you have any or all of the mentioned features missing from your business website, the time to get to work adding them is now. Even if you have them in place, make sure they are up to par and are really turning your visitors into paying customers. After all, that is the whole point.

Contact us, and we can discuss how to achieve a successful online presence for your business.