The 5 Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Calendar plugins need to handle the complex events management that comes with the modern business process. They should handle appointments and event scheduling tasks without burdening the system or frustrating the user. That’s why, in this post, we will have a look at the 5 best calendar plugins for WordPress in 2022.

5 Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2022

How to choose the best calendar plugins for WordPress

A quick search for calendar plugins in the WordPress plugin directory will show that there are hundreds of options to choose from.

While some of these plugins perform generic functions like simply displaying the date, many others were built to perform specific tasks like marking internal events related to a brand or company.

The trick is to find the one calendar plugin that meets the specific requirements of the website it is intended for.

Let’s go ahead and find out how to choose the best calendar plugin:

  • The right fit – The calendar plugin should be able to perform all the tasks required of it.
  • Advanced features – The best plugins offer multiple features like event scheduling, appointment setting, ticketing, and integration with popular third-party services like Google Calendar.
  • Integration – They should also be able to fit in with the design of the WordPress website or the company’s brand. Better yet, they should be responsive and fit on any screen visitors may be using.
  • Front-end accessibility – Visitors to the website should be able to access the calendar to, for example, see available dates and book appointments.
  • Ease of use – It shouldn’t take a programmer to set up a plugin and customize it. All advanced features should be easy to enable with a few clicks and the dropping of shortcodes into widgets and pages.
  • SEO-friendly – Calendar plugins should help with SEO rankings with features like showing events on maps and returning rich search engine results.

The five best calendar plugins for WordPress in 2022

Now that we know what to look for in a great calendar plugin, here is our list of the best calendar plugins for WordPress in 2022:

  1. Sugar Calendar
  2. The Events Calendar
  3. All-in-One Events Calendar
  4. Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin
  5. Modern Events Calendar Lite

Let us jump right in and have an in-depth look at five of the best calendar plugins for WordPress:

1. Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar is a complete calendar plugin that is easy to master. It is light, with a tiny digital footprint, and yet, it is filled with useful features that help users address most of their event management requirements.

Sugar Calendar has all the features needed to do the job and comes with no bloatware. It has a straightforward administrators’ dashboard that is used to manage events with ease.

Users will find that they can customize their calendars to meet unique requirements with widgets and shortcodes. They can customize displays, filters, and set events to specific calendars.

What’s more, this calendar offers addons like Event Ticketing for selling tickets, tracking attendance, and managing payments using gateways like Stripe. It helps build communities using its event submissions form and by linking events to external URLs and then displaying their locations on Google Maps.

It is also a plugin that integrates with other tools and services like iCal, WooCommerce, Zoom, and much more.

2. The Events Calendar

Events Calendar

With The Events Calendar, we have another easy-to-use WordPress plugin for event management. It too has many useful features that run efficiently without being resource-intensive.

To begin with, users can get started in a matter of minutes – there are no shortcodes or confusing configurations to deal with – it is ready to go right out of the box.

The Events Calendar has useful features that include setting recurring events – be they set or irregular occurrence schedules – that can then be viewed in a list, agenda, or calendar formats for easier insight.

The events can also be organized and viewed by categories. They can also be viewed by organizers or venues – which could be pinned on Google Maps for location information.

Users can also add photos to attract attention to shared events, collect RSVPs, sell tickets, import events from Facebook (now Met) and iCal, and allow other community users to add events from the front-end.

3. All-in-One Events Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Events Calendar is a product from It is an advanced calendar system that is available at a reasonable price for premium users but also has a free version that goes beyond simply being another WordPress calendar plugin.

This plugin has a clean-cut design that is easy to navigate from the backend and offers aesthetic templates – and themes – that are filled with useful functions.

Users can easily customize their calendars to meet their requirements; apart from custom looks, they can create, manage, and share their events.

The events – which can be one-time or recurring ones – can be displayed by time criteria like day, week, and month. They can be displayed as items on a Posterboard or grouped by agenda.

Events can also be imported from other Timely calendars or any .ics event feeds like those from Google Calendar and Outlooks. Alternatively, they can be exported to other Timely calendars or .ics readers.

All-in-One Events Calendar helps with the SEO of the WordPress website thanks to the fact that the calendar and events are themselves SEO-friendly. It creates back-links to the website, for example, which help improve its SEO rankings.

Finally, event reminders can be sent to mobile devices for on-the-go alerts. The events can be location-tagged on maps and displayed anywhere using widgets.

4. Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar - Google Calendar Plugin

As can be understood from the name, Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin is a calendar plugin that displays Google Calendars in WordPress. This means events added to the calendar will automatically be synced with the plugin on the website.

Other Google Calendar users can import events of interest to their calendars by simply clicking on an “Add to GCal” link.

It is attractive, mobile-responsive, and easy to set up and administer. It can be fully integrated into any website – both aesthetically and functionally – with ease. It can be displayed anywhere the widget fits and with no coding required.

The events can be organized and displayed by time or color-coded for better identification and understanding.

This plugin has advanced functions for advanced settings that allow for adjusting of time zones, start-of-week options, and the setting of multiple date (and time) formats.

5. Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar

The Modern Events Calendar Lite plugin from Webnus is a comprehensive events management plugin. It is an events management plugin that is extremely user-friendly and well-designed for displaying events calendars on WordPress websites with ease.

Right out of the box, this plugin has 50 event view layouts that allow for the creation of calendars that look great on a website.

The calendars are responsive and mobile-friendly and can be further tweaked to match event or brand designs with ease.

Designing a calendar is aided with pre-built skins, view layouts, and schema readiness for better SEO ranking.

Once a design has been finalized all that is required is to drop its shortcode in the desired position. The shortcode is compatible with any WordPress editor including Elementor, Divi Builder, and Visual Composer.

Modern Events Calendar Lite offers the ability to display multiple locations for events, social media sharing icons for better advertisement, and Google Calendar integration for easier event scheduling.

Which of the best calendar plugins should you choose?

OK; now that we have seen the five best calendar plugins in detail, you might be wondering which one to choose for your WordPress website.

Well, here’s our recommendation:

  • Sugar Calendar – The overall best choice for larger businesses with complex event scheduling and appointment requirements.
  • The Events Calendar — The best for multiple calendar views.
  • Simple Calendar — The best for integration with Google Calendar.
  • Modern Events Calendar Lite – The best plugin for easy design and high aesthetic values.
  • All-in-One Events Calendar – The best plugin for improving SEO rankings and integration with third-party products.

We hope this post helped you in choosing the best calendar plugins for your WordPress website. We also recommend that you learn how to add Google Maps to your website and how to create an event registration page on WordPress.

Alternatively, let us help create a WordPress website that has your choice of the best calendar plugins – contact us, we will be happy to talk to you.