Small Business SEO Services – All You Need to Know About Them

Small business SEO services can help you expand your brand, dominate your local market, and reach out further into the global market. With their help, small businesses like yours can take on larger competitors – and win – by simply retaining their professional services. If you happen to have a good search engine optimization or SEO services company working for you, you can rest assured you will soon see positive results and strong growth within a matter of months.

Small Business SEO Services – All You Need to Know About Them
Small business SEO services come with many features to promote your digital brand presence

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from the beginning…

Small business SEO services – what are they?

Let us start off with definitions:

“Small business SEO services providers are those that dedicate their time and effort to helping your website perform better and achieve higher SEO rankings. These companies – that are small businesses themselves – have made it their bread and butter to improve the online presence of their fellow small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).”

Small Business SEO services make it their bread and butter.
Small business SEO service providers have made ranking and promotion their bread and butter

And so, unless you are in the digital marketing field, you would be better off handing all SEO-related tasks over to them.

How do small business SEO services help you?

Small business SEO services help your small business website by performing the following tasks on it:

Updating of content and media

Fresh content is the key to keeping a high SEO ranking. Small businesses need to have their websites updated regularly. Whether it is the content on their pages or the posts in their blogs, search engines must find new – and relevant – content every time they crawl a website. This will let them know that, apart from remaining current, the websites are also sources of information that help people address issues in real life.

Small business SEO services will help by providing you with such content and media. They will come up with the topics and ideas, mix in relevant keywords, and update your website regularly.

Cutting page load speeds

One factor that search engines take into consideration when deciding your website’s ranking is the page load speeds. In other words, the faster the pages load, the higher your website’s ranking will be.

The SEO services will make sure that every page has all the information and content that is required and nothing more. They will help with cutting down your media file sizes and look for ways to link to bulkier ones without compromising the visitors’ user experience (UX).

Choosing keywords and demographics

A complete SEO process is built on identifying relevant keywords for your website, the demographics that would be best served by your products or services, and – by combining the two – the creation of content that will lead to conversions.

This is an intricate process that needs to be performed by digital marketing professionals. Small businesses like yours would be well-advised to hand this job over to small business SEO service providers if they expect to see good results in the shortest amount of time.

Focusing on a local presence

Many small businesses make the mistake of assuming that the best way to succeed online is by focusing on the global market. The craftier ones, on the other hand, know that sometimes it is more profitable to cater to their local markets. Instead of setting up a single website that tries to reach a global audience, they create one for every single city or locale they find customers in.

This decision, of course, will need to be made after your small business SEO services provider has identified your target demographics. If it is found that your brand would succeed better by catering to the people in your community – who have first-hand experience with your brand – then, they would become the priority customer base. Your SEO campaign will be redesigned to catch their specific attention.

Installation and proper use of analytics tools

Finally, once everything is in place and your website has started to reach out to your target audience, it will become necessary to gauge how well your SEO campaign is faring. This is where the analytics phase kicks in. Your SEO service provider will install various analytics tools that can help you see vital information like:

    • How many people visit your website
    • How long they stay on your landing pages
    • Which pages they prefer
    • Where they go after they leave
    • How many of them were converted into paying customers
Google statistics for traffic
Small business SEO services come with analytics tools for in-depth insight into performance data.

With this information in hand, you should be able to see whether or not your service provider has indeed implemented a good SEO campaign. If not, the results will also be able to identify where the campaign is failing so you can go back to correct the mistakes.

What are the advantages small business SEO services bring?

As we have just seen, small business SEO services perform many tasks that, cumulatively, will result in boosting your websites’ performance and delivery. Some of the advantages you can expect at the end of your SEO campaign include:

Great SEO ranking

This will be the whole purpose of hiring small business SEO services. All the effort that will be put into the process will result in a great SEO ranking.

Depending on the scale of the SEO campaign, you should be able to see your website’s ranking climb within a matter of weeks. And if it is correctly done, your ranking will increase on all of the popular search engine results’ pages – not just one.

Wider brand reach

With more exposure, your brand will be able to reach out to millions of daily Internet users. Over time, your continued high ranking will help embed your brand in the minds of the people who search for your products or services. And the more people visit your website, the better your brand’s recognition will become.

Increase in consumer trust

When you have grown your customer base to a respectable number, it will serve as a sign that people can trust your brand as well as your products and services.

In marketing, there is a common concept known as “social proof” that plays on human nature where “what the majority does” becomes the choice of the individual.

To clarify, when someone sees that there are thousands of people vouching for your brand, they too will come on board assuming that what is deemed to be good by so many people is the best choice for them too.

Social Proof - if they like it, I like it too
Social proof: “If they are all clapping for it, I think I should start clapping too…”

After all, no brand can acquire likes, thumbs ups, shares, downloads, and subscriptions without it being worth it, right?

Respect from competitors

Competitors that had been ignoring your brand or had deemed your business to be too small to take into serious consideration will soon start to sit up and take notice of you.

You can use this leverage to iron out business deals that would be mutually beneficial. You could, for example, strike a deal where you would be able to advertise on one another’s websites – if your brands are not in direct conflict, i.e.

Of course, this will also put you on their radar and they might try to put you out of business. The only way you will be able to beat them then, is by continuing to work with small business SEO services that will provide you with superior online marketing strategies – and keep you ahead of the game.

Note: SEO is known to be a factor that allows small and big businesses to compete on a level field.

Great grading from controlling authorities

Small businesses are often controlled by authorities that are on the lookout for rogue traders or sub-par products and services.

If your SEO rankings grow and more and more people continue to vouch for you, authorities like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) will give you good grades too. This will further increase the trust people have in your brand.

Being able to focus on your primary processes

Running small businesses, especially in the formative years, is no easy task. As the owner, and at any given time, you will usually have one too many balls in the air. Keeping your website up and running alone will require an all-out effort on your behalf.

With small business SEO services tackling the marketing part of your brand, you will be able to dedicate all your time and effort to improving your primary processes. With the two of you working together, you will be able to double your business’ growth rate.

Bottom line… increase in profits

Finally, the bottom line of all the work that will be put into your SEO marketing campaign will boil down to one thing: an increase in sales and profits.

With the right small business SEO services by your side, you will be able to make money… period. After all, you aren’t in the online business field just for the fun of it.

Signs of great small business SEO services

As you can see, your website (and your business as a whole) will gain from the services of a small SEO business. But here’s a question: how can you tell whether or not you are dealing with a professional company?

Signs of great small business SEO services - professionalism
Look for signs of an SEO team that will help you grow

Well, the signs of a professional small SEO business include:

They rank high on Google

No one would want to hire the services of small business that weren’t performing well themselves, right? It is the same with small business SEO services.

The best sign for a good SEO service is that they rank high – organically – on SERPs. A quick online search should yield the links of some of the best in the business.

An SEO textbook example of a website

Another great sign is their websites. Once you arrive on their site you should be able to see all the required SEO features applied on them. Scan for keywords and content that helps rank them well with search engines.

A good blog with lots of information – and a healthy dose of keywords – is always a good indication. Their pages should be easy to navigate and must not contain any broken links. Every URL should have at least one keyword in it… you get the picture, right?

Plenty of great reviews

No small business can boast about being the best without some positive reviews. After all, it is the customer that decides whether or not you are indeed a successful business that they would want to deal with.

After making your selections, do some research to find out what people are saying about them. A simple Google search of their brand with “+reviews” added to it should return results that will help you decide on whether or not they are as good as they claim to be.

They boast an impressive portfolio

Finally, we all know that successful small businesses don’t hide their clients’ list. In fact, the longer the list, the better a testimony it is to how good they are at what they do.

If you can’t find the information on their clients’ list, contact them and ask them who they have worked for and whether the clients would be willing to vouch for their services. You can even take it one step further by actually asking the alleged clients about their experiences with the SEO service providers.

Small business SEO services – contact one today

We have just seen how small business SEO services can help you grow your business into the next level. In summary, they perform the following tasks:

  • Updating of content and media
  • Cutting page load speeds
  • Choosing keywords and demographics
  • Focusing on a local presence and demographics
  • Installation and proper use of analytics tools

If the whole project goes well, you should see a significant change in your website’s performance as well as the health of your sales report – both positively, of course – before the campaign is over. You can also expect:

  • Great SEO ranking
  • Wider brand reach
  • Increase in consumer trust
  • Respect from competitors
  • Great grading from controlling authorities
  • Being able to focus on your primary processes
  • An increase in profits

The good thing is that once an SEO campaign has been properly implemented, the results will keep growing – non-stop and well into the foreseeable future.  And also, you should never forget that no SEO campaign is a one-time, fix-all solution. You will need to keep implementing SEO campaigns throughout your website’s lifetime.

That is the reason you will always need to retain the services of one good SEO service provider that you have “clicked” with and found to do a great job for you. A long-term working relationship will help them understand your website and processes better. This, in turn, will help them roll out even better SEO campaigns that are custom-designed for you.

And that is also exactly why you should start working with us today – let’s click and build your digital brand.