How the best SEO reseller services help businesses and personal websites grow

Many business and personal website owners underestimate the online marketing power that lies behind SEO reseller services. They can get stuck on the “reseller” part of the title and think less of the SEO services they provide. That is a big mistake.

How The Best SEO Reseller Services Help Businesses and Personal Websites Grow

In a digital world where outsourcing a job and reselling a service is the norm of the day, it would be a liability for a business or personal website owner to consider that any SEO service that is provided by a reseller – white label or otherwise – would always be inferior to that offered by a major brand. We will see the reasons why and find out how SEO service resellers can actually deliver excellent jobs.

What are SEO reseller services?

The definition of SEO reseller services is: a search engine optimization (SEO) service provided by small businesses which are backed by larger companies that actually do the work for them. Looking at it the other way around, it is when the bigger SEO service providers lend their brand name and the actual business to resellers who can either use the brand name or white label it.  The client gets SEO reseller services provided by the “lessees” who act as a “front” for the larger branded company.

What services does an SEO reseller offer?

Like any SEO company, SEO reseller companies too, offer a full bouquet of both custom and generic online promotion jobs. The tasks they can perform include:

  • Keyword research: every website needs to have a keyword or two upon which the whole SEO strategy will be built upon. The SEO service resellers will do the keyword research based on the website’s product or service and combined with their audiences’ characteristics (like location, purchasing habits, service or product preference, etc.). Once selected, the keywords will serve as the keystone holding the whole SEO strategy up.
  • Content creation: keywords are necessary as they are the “baits” that will be put in content that will then attract visitors to the website. Search engines will then rate the web page (and hence the website) by the relevance of these contents. It is the relevance and the amount of time that is spent on the pages that will determine the rank pages get. This means, the content that is built around the keywords should be relevant and written in a captivating manner.
  • Backlink generation: another way a web page is ranked by search engines is by the amount of “juice” it has. This is the number of links (on other relevant and related web pages) that lead back to the website. The more backlinks a page has, the more of an authority it is considered to be by the search engines. The SEO resellers go about creating relevant content that is then posted on websites or directories that already have a good standing with the search engines.
  • Social media marketing (SMM): SMM is an integral part of SEO because search engines crawl social media platforms too.

How can SEO reseller services be better than the parent companies?

One question that will probably be floating around by now is how, if ever, the SEO resellers could be better than their parent companies. Well, as hard it may seem to believe, the reasons they could do better include:

They need to prove themselves

An SEO reseller business that wants to keep its doors open will invest all its time and energy into creating a successful business. They know that if they are going to succeed they will have to beat the competition and excel. They can’t afford to lay back and let things slide when the Internet has created a level ground where business competition has become a cutthroat affair.

This zeal helps create a business that will deliver excellent services.

Their prices are lower

One of the ways a small business – which most SEO reseller services themselves are – can attract new clients is by offering a lower price. With the reseller industry taking the online business world by storm, the prices of digital marketing services continue to drop. One reason is because the market has become so competitive that businesses now try to undercut their competitors’ prices.

The winner here is, of course, the client.

Being small means they are more accessible

Doing business with small businesses comes with a unique advantage: accessibility. Being a small business also means the owners or the frontline staffs are more likely to take a personal interest in any contact they may have with a client.

This is in contrast to the corporate way of handling customers: cold, aloof, and generic. Most issues are often handled by agents who are probably overwhelmed with the numerous chat windows and open tickets they are handling.

Bouquet SEO reseller services can be arranged

A small business, of any sort, would bend over backwards to make sure they have happy clients. Although they may have preset packages on offer, they would still be willing to create new custom solutions to meet their clients’ demands. They can actually afford to take the time off to make sure their clients have all the service they are looking for.

The corporate businesses on the other hand, won’t even bother to cater to such demands. They know that they can always find customers who will be willing to take their packages and be happy with them – so why bother?

They actually have better marketing skills

The survival guidelines of a business require it to adapt to new marketing trends. This means, they need to always be on their toes. Over time, this adaptability turns into experience and if they make it past that critical 5-year milestone they become leaders in their fields of choice. They develop their own set of marketing skills. They then mold these skills into a marketing strategy which they can, at first, use to promote their own websites before applying them to help their clients’ online marketing strategy.

As we have just seen, the smaller SEO reseller services can offer the best search engine marketing (SEM). Just because a business is big, it doesn’t mean they are the best choice.

What signs do the best SEO reseller services have in common?

Just like is the case in any other industry, the SEO reseller services too have benchmarks against which they can be rated. They also have telltale signs you can check out to see if you are dealing with a service provider that really knows their craft. These signs are:

They resell for major SEO companies

Many SEO reseller services act as white label companies for major brands. This makes common business sense as all they have to do is get new clients and have the “mother” company do all the work for them. The resellers take a cut from the profits that are made while the clients get premium service of a higher quality delivered to them – at a lower price.

This is a win-win-win solution for all three parties involved: the clients, the resellers, and the major brands behind it all.

Their website ranks high on search engines

An SEO reseller company that doesn’t have a website that ranks high on at least two of the major search engines can’t be taken too seriously. After all, how can they be expected to help their clients if they can’t even help themselves?

A quick online search for terms like “SEO services,” “SEO optimization for websites,” “SEO services for businesses,” etc. should give anyone looking to hire an SEO service provider enough insight into which companies know what they are doing.

Professionalism is apparent on their website

Once the first few choices have been made, it is time to visit their websites. Right off the bat, it should be clearly evident that they are serious about their business. Everything from the design, content, and SEO strategy to the general “feel” of their website should clearly indicate that some serious effort has been put into presenting a professional SEO reseller service.

One of the key features of an SEO website is its ability to capture and maintain visitors’ attention. It should also be able to make them act or go on to another page where they can find what they are looking for. If the SEO reseller can’t project these images, then they are failing miserably.

They have proven track records

A business that is successful will always use the fact as a selling point. They will usually have a dedicated portfolio page of their most successful ventures. They will be proud off their achievements. Incidentally, this is also another SEO feature that helps with promoting a website. Any page that attracts more visitors (who stay longer to find out more about the business’ accomplishments) and then go on to hire the business will definitely boost rankings.

On the other hand, there are businesses that try to fake such accomplishments. But, a careful scrutiny will almost always reveal these fallacies. Signs to look out for include:

  • Reference to jobs done for large business websites – The question to ask here is why a major brand would look to hire SEO reseller services when they can directly deal with the company behind them. Of course, it is possible that they were hired for the job, but also highly unlikely.
  • Links to non-existent contacts – Most visitors to portfolio pages make the mistake of taking the information provided at face value. It isn’t uncommon for SEO resellers to post links to jobs that they haven’t done and use non-existent links as references.
  • Fake identities or cloned websites – Another ruse used by bogus SEO reseller companies is to create a non-existent identity. Others try to replicate another legitimate business’ website and try to emulate them.

As can be seen, there is always a chance that an SEO reseller company isn’t exactly run by honest people. But, keeping a keen eye on small signs will usually weed them out.

Clients have good things to say about the SEO reseller services

The Internet has made it easy for people to express their views about almost everything including their experiences with businesses. Today, anyone looking for online information about a particular business need only add the word “reviews” after the brand name. The results would help anyone make an informed decision about how happy (or not) their former clients are with their SEO services.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that although this is a good indicator about how well a business is perceived by its clients, it is also liable to slander and false reviews. It, therefore, makes sense to learn how to spot fake reviews and act with a certain amount of caution.

Customer handling is instant and to-the-point

A company that is eager to do business will always receive new clients with an open-door policy at every possible opportunity. This can only be made possible when they have a good customer relations managements system (CRMS) in place and a dedicated staff manning it.

Anyone looking to hire an SEO reseller will quickly realize how efficient the business is by taking a look at how well they are received by the front-end staff, how well their problems are understood, and how as-a-matter-of-fact the proposed solutions will be. Any dillydallying and murky propositions should be taken as a sign of a business that hasn’t exactly gotten its ducks in a row.

Deadlines and milestones are always met

SEO reseller services could pass the scrutiny and meet all the points mentioned above. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to keep up their professionalism once they have been hired for the job.

After a contract has been signed between the two parties, it will be time to come up with milestones and deadlines that should be met 100 percent of the time. Because, another sign of a professional business is its ability to stick to its own schedules and deliver on what it has promised.

In case this doesn’t happen, it would be better to tear up the contract and start looking for a new business partner – it is better to cut losses right now, than to keep throwing good money after the bad.

Hire SEO reseller services and prosper

If you happen to run a website that isn’t converting as many visitors as it should or you find yourself with a rather low number of visitors to being with, then you are an ideal candidate for SEO reseller services. They can help you achieve your targets, get your name out there, and make the sales your business deserves to make. It doesn’t if you are a one-man operation or a business that has taken many more staff on board – try the SEO reseller services we have to offer, and help your website grow.

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