Call for submissions: Wizards in Space | pay: $20 per poem, 4 cents per word for prose

Deadline: 1 August 2022

Wizards in Space believes that all writers and artists deserve compensation for their work. In line with this belief, all creators with pieces accepted will be paid and retain rights to their work.

Submissions for Issue 08 are open until August 1st!

For our last several issues, we’ve turned our gaze inward – focusing on survival in difficult times, foraging and gathering what you need to stay alive, putting up walls or reaching out hands to navigate the fraught boundaries of self and world. We’ve found private places and caring communities, wrenching sorrow and cautious hope. We’ve read stories of last resorts, precious treasures, fragile feelings held tight to the chest. There is so much strength in resilience, and Issues 06 and 07 showed us that no matter how fiercely the storm rages, there’s safety and shelter to be found. So what happens when that storm finally breaks and you can finally step outside?

When you can not just survive, but thrive. When you begin to come into yourself as someone powerful, beautiful, ambitious. When you uncurl your fingers and allow your cupped hands to overflow, bringing forth abundance and wealth. These are all ideas associated with the numerology of 8: a digit that stands for power and achievement and good fortune. It’s a number that means hard work finally paying off. The literal and metaphorical fruits of your physical and spiritual labor.

What does it mean to be empowered, to revel in your own strength? How do you take the abundance of yourself and share it freely with others? When have you felt most like dancing and singing? For our eighth issue, we want your power. Your exhalation. We want to know how your Scorpio heart and your August body take up space in this wind-tossed world.

Step forward. Be loud. Let us hear you, show us where you’re going and what you’ll find there. Tell us what you’re building, what you’ll keep for yourself, and what gifts you’ll share with others.

As always, we want to see your political and your personal, your faith, identity, truths and dreams. Even if you are not sure your work fits, we want to hear from you.

At Wizards in Space, we believe all creators should be paid for their work. For Issue 08, our pay rates are as follows:
  • $40 per original poem or per page of original art.
  • $20 per reprinted poem or per page of reprinted art.
  • $0.04 per word for original prose, based on final published word count.
  • $0.02 per word for reprinted prose, based on final published word count.


Submissions: Via Submittable


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