Article Writing Services – The Dummy’s Guide

One online digital service, that many online businesses and website owners underestimate and take for granted, is that which is offered by article writing services. That’s right, there are many out there who still think they shouldn’t bother to hire content writing services because they are either not worth the investment or assume (wrongly, of course) that they can tackle the whole writing thing on their own. That could be one of the biggest mistakes they will ever make.

Article Writing Services – The Dummy’s Guide

In this post, we will look at what these businesses have to offer you as an individual or a business website owner and why you should make use of their content writing services as soon as you possibly can.

What are article writing services?

Article writing services, sometimes known as content writing services, are businesses that offer textual works of art – with the required media included, of course – to get your website to provide more information, make it relevant, and aesthetically appealing to both your visitors and some of the popular search engines that crawl them.

If you were to hire one such business they would assign content writers that address your contextual needs in the form of:

  • Web page content: The content writers would fill all your site’s pages with the required content starting from headers and titles, to footers and various metadata and descriptions and everything else in between.
  • Articles for clients or followers: No website would be complete without at least a weekly newsletter or an informative email that tells its subscribers about the happenings in the business or even the industry as a whole – your writers will be able to do it all for you.
  • Blog posts: One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your website is to create and maintain a blog. The writers you hire will post the required number of posts per week for you.
  • Social media posts: No decent website – let alone a commercial one – would ever think of going it alone, without the support of social media platforms. It is simply not done. The content writers you hire will take care of all your posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, they will be a critical part of your online social media marketing (SMM) team.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Having the ability to write alone doesn’t make a content writer good at their job. Every single word needs to contribute to the website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) as well as make it stand out on social media platforms. In short, a website content writer needs to be a jack-of-all-trades that knows how to “sell” a site.

As you can already see, there are many advantages in it for you when you hire content writers from good article writing services with a sterling reputation.

What are the results you can expect from good article writing services?

Working with online writing services can help your business process in many ways. If you hire a team that is really worth its salt, you can rest assured you will definitely see an improvement in various aspects of your business – both digital and physical.

Some advantages of letting article writing services do your content writing and publishing for you include:

Having professional workers at your disposal

A good writing company will always make sure it hires the best content writers it can afford to pay. Others will cut costs by hiring a web content editor to oversee the work of lesser qualified writers.

Either way, you will have a qualified writing team working for you at a much reduced price than if you had to hire them yourself.

A focused group of writers

When you hire web content writers from a writing agency, you are paying for a team of writers who will give their full attention to creating your content and nothing else. Writing for you is all they will be paid for and that is all they will be doing.

Non-stop writing

According to a study done by HubSpot, websites that had posts added to them at a regular rate were more likely to rank higher than those that had erratic schedules or posted them less-frequently. In addition to that, it was found that a blog that had over 16 posts a month got 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than blogs that only had 0 to 5 posts a month.

With your own team of writers churning quality blog posts out, you shouldn’t be surprised to see your website’s ranking and lead generation, as well as your sales, rise as a direct result of the content input.

Easy scalability

As your business grows, your content requirements will also grow. When that happens, you won’t need to go about looking to hire new writers that will need orientation and training in the way you do things. Even then, it will still take them some more time before they can actually produce work that will be to your immediate liking.

On the other hand, your writing agency will make sure the new requirements are met with the same high standards you had been previously getting even when they have to hire new writers.

SEO compliant posts

Anyone who has tried to write articles on a regular basis will know how difficult it is to keep coming up with fresh ideas and topics. Add to that the fact that for an article to meet SEO recommendations it needs to be at least 1,000 words and above long, it becomes apparent that it is a job that requires more than just one or two content writers.

When a content writing service provider signs up to take care of your writing jobs they guarantee that you get SEO compliant articles exactly when you need them. You also won’t have to worry about your writers burning out after a couple of months because there will be a pool of writers to take the job on.

Free time up and focus

Unless your own business offers professional article writing services, your attention and energy would be well-invested in your business processes that are other than writing. No matter how good you may be at typing out relevant content, it would still be wiser for you to focus on running your business than spending time on writing chores.

Instead, you can hire a writing company to take care of everything from your personal inter-company announcements and flyers to your website’s content and blog posts. This way, you will be firmly at the helm of your business without any unwanted distractions.

Quality is consistent

Hiring professional web content writers guarantees the quality of your blog posts remains consistent. You won’t need to worry about the quality wavering every time a writer is hired or fired. Once you set the standard of articles you expect from the writing service, they will need to deliver. And, once you find a good writing service that meets all your quality requests, it can mean the beginning of a long and fruitful working relationship.

An outsiders’ view

Hiring writers from outside the company means you will get the articles written from the perspectives of an outsider. This will help in creating articles that are written by, and for, “civilians” – the outsiders – and will result in a larger market reach.

Save money with article writing services

Hiring content writers from article writing services is always cheaper than having to pay the salary of a full-time web content writer and editor. You won’t have to worry about their overheads, their work tools, their insurances, and their taxes. When you part ways, you won’t need to include a severance pay.

On the contrary, you can sign a writer on and pay them on a per-article basis. When you think they aren’t performing well, you can terminate the contract at your convenience. This why most website content writing services will make sure you have the best articles at your disposal and will even lower the prices for you if you sign on for a long term.

Expanded brand awareness

When you churn out good-quality articles on a regular basis, and the search engines pick them and rank them high, you will have more people take notice of your brand. People who constantly search for the topics your content writers are writing about will notice that your links often appear on the first page of their SERPs. Over time, your brand name will subconsciously become one that is associated with your particular topics of choice, and, hence, your products and services.

A source for backlinks

When you have the power of content writers at your disposal you won’t have to be limited to simply adding posts to your own blog. To drive even more SEO juice towards your website, you can use some of the posts as sources of backlinks by posting the articles on other reputable sites. That way, when the search engines rank your site depending on the link backs you have, it will push you higher up the SERPs because a more reputable site is “vouching” for you.

As we have just seen, there is simply no way you are going to lose by opting to work with article writing services. This is a win-win solution to a website’s online success – as long as you find a good online writing company, that is.

And that brings us to the next question: How do you identify a good writing company when it is quite obvious that there are too many of them out there to choose from? Let’s have a look next.

Choosing the best article writing services

With a little research, and some patience, you will always be able to tell if your choice of article writing services is worth investing in. The signs to look for include:

  • A professionally designed website that has content and articles that are error-free
  • Quick response times whenever you contact them for more information
  • Grammatically and syntactically correct written responses from their staff
  • Review results that bear witness to their work
  • Testimonials from previous clients that can actually be contacted for verification of their testimonies
  • Good-to-excellent rankings on overseeing boards and authorities like the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • A well-stocked blog that can serve as a showcase of the online content that you can expect from them
  • Pictures and graphics throughout their website that are appealing to visitors while also being relevant to the pages or surrounding content they are embedded in
  • A good Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page that clearly lets you know what to expect and what happens should things go south
  • Secure payment methods like PayPal that won’t put your financial or personal information at risk

And so, the best article writing services will have all of the points mentioned above covered. But, don’t overlook the ones that meet at least 90 percent of them. Who knows? Perhaps you will find a gem in the rough that will do great jobs for you for a price that is cheaper than the going rate of the bigger players.

Conclusion on article writing services

In this cutthroat digital world where succeeding online needs all the effort you can put into your online business, it would be a very wise choice indeed to opt for article writing services. Hire one such company and let them take care of your content for you while you put your full attention in running the other aspects of your business.

In a time when quality content can be bought at very reasonable prices, you shouldn’t be bleeding money by having to pay for a team of your own writing staff. Besides, you know you will be able to find a diverse set of skills who can write about anything under the moon for you and who can even cover the same topic over and over again from different aspects, only if you hire writers from content writing services.

Don’t delay, do it today – your website will thank you for it.