A blog content writer and the problems they solve

As a business owner, the main goal you will be aiming for is making sure you have a brand, product or service that is well-known and that has penetrated a wide market. One of the best persons who can help you reach this goal is a blog content writer. Not having one working full-time for you, or even on a freelance and semi-contractual basis could prove to be a fatal mistake.

A blog content writer and the problems they solve

How can a blog content writer help you?

Let us have a look at how a professional content writer can help take your business’ online presence to the next level. Among the problems they can address for you we have:

Website content creation

You’re probably thinking, “Well, that goes without being said…Duh!” The only reason anyone would want to hire a writer were if they wanted someone who would write for them.

Unfortunately, while that may be true, some businesses think anyone with the basic knowledge of English grammar and the ability to type words in at a decent rate is cut out to be an online writer.

But, nothing could be more further from the truth.

Professional writers develop their writing skills over time and could take them about 6 years to master the basics of online SEO writing alone. And even after all that time, not many of them can avoid some harsh corrections from a web content editor.

So, if you think Tom from Accounting can handle the additional responsibilities of a blog content writer, you have another think coming.

Provision of accurate content

Again, here too, never assume that you can do more than one job in the same organization. Hiring a good content writer could help you get rid of sub-par content on every single page of your website.

A true writer will not be able to stand the sight of errors on the other parts of your website that you have them writing on, let alone in their own allocated workspace.

A good blog content writer will help you clean the whole website up and not just your blog.

Writing of accurate content

Professional writers have a knack for writing on almost any topic under the sun. The trick is to do as much research as possible and then come up with a post or article that relays the results of all that effort.

With the help of a blog content writer that knows how to research and dig for information, you will be able to build a website that offers accurate and on-time information about your business and its products and services.

The content is also helpful

Apart from providing the reader with accurate information, your content writer will also be able to help people in the real world.

One of the best ways to show your community, and the society at large, that you care about them is by having your website content writer and blog content writer create pieces that will contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of your visitors, followers, and readers.

Your online presence and rankings are boosted

Well, if your website’s content achieves the previous two points (being accurate and being helpful) it will easily attract hordes of readers. This increase in the number of visitors will eventually lead to a boost in your website’s online presence and the achievement of a higher ranking in the eyes of popular search engines like Google.

A blog content writer is an artist

That’s right; no matter how much information a piece of content may hold, it really won’t reach many people if they take one look at it and go, “Uh-uh! I don’t think so…” and then make a U-turn and head back off of your page.

Every single one of your content should be a work of art that – apart from being informative – is aesthetically pleasing. A good writer will make sure things like fonts, paragraph structure, indentations, and even punctuation marks contribute towards making you feel happy to look at the page and read the content on it.

The content is original

If there is one thing every blog content writer will be truly proud of – apart from being able to write, that is – is the fact that they create original content. No self-respecting writer will ever cross the copyright line. No web writer will ever call themselves a member of the profession if they can’t create works that won’t pass the scrutiny of their web content editor and their Copyscape account.

A good blog content writer saves you additional hires

A good blog content writer will have developed all the strengths and methodologies required of a professional writer who creates original works that are accurate and on schedule. They know how to keep their balls in the air.

With one such writer working for you, there will be no need for:

  • An HR overseer: The writer will manage all their times and schedules without any additional help
  • An assignments manager: Once you have told your writer about what you need from them, they should be able to start writing and creating content without much supervision
  • A web content editor: Again, if you have a professional content writer writing for you, they should be able to create works that won’t need to be checked by an editor – it is straight to publishing once they are done

And so, with a good writer at your disposal, you can get rid of the added expenses of hiring extra staff. It can be safely said that by investing in a good blog content writer you are saving money beginning right from their date of hire.

Definition of your whole online marketing strategy

If your content writer is good at what they do, then they can influence your whole marketing campaign – with just the use of their words. The way they tell their stories, and how well they influence your site’s readers and visitors will create an inclination or a yearning that will make the readers act upon it.

The other aspects of your online social media marketing (SMM) campaign can then be influenced by the theme of the content, by how well it can influence readers into choosing or preferring your product over those of others, and how effective the calls-to-action in them are.

Once your content writer has created your posts and other article features, you can then have all your social media accounts use links that point towards them. Your Twitter and Facebook links can lead back to content that has proven itself to be strong enough to influence readers into actions that favor your business.

They can create a showcase for you

When your blog content writer can create works that truly inform and help people, it will contribute to elevating your profile and will confirm your status as an authority within your field.

As mentioned earlier, when a good content writer creates articles and posts, they will have done it with the necessary research and background analysis and will make you look like a genius in your industry.

With a library (or blog) full of such expert content, you will be able to create a showcase that can give an insight into how good you are, the expertise you have attained, and the abundance of knowledge there is within your company or business.

This will help create a positive image among your peers and help you earn the respect and following of your customers and clients.

Hire a blog content writer today

With their ability to offer a solution to a myriad number of problems that your business faces every day, it would be unwise of you to not hire a blog content writer today… right now.

If you are looking to hire a writer or even a web content editor, talk to us first. We will deliver on all your requirements – with no exceptions.